Meet the characters...


Where's Mully?

Meet 'Mully Multiple' or Mully for short! Mully likes to explore and hide. He likes to hide behind the biggest multiple of a number he can find. This is a great game for getting children to recognise multiples of numbers.



Pom lives with Pim on the planet CLIC. He has the job of helping the children finding factors and multiples of numbers.


Counting with Pim

The principle of pim is that if a child knows that 3 things and 4 things is 7 things, then they can relate that to every day objects, such as 3 bananas and 4 bananas is 7 bananas.


Count Fourways

Count Fourways is an intergalactic roue who's purpose is to help children count out loud in four crucial ways.

The four ways are: 10s, 5s, 2s and 25s. Counting in these ways leads to a higher understanding of fractions and measures.


The idea of Squiggleworth is to help children have fun while they practice partitioning numbers.