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Neil Smith(about a year ago)

I attended Guilsborough School between 1957 and 1963 and have some wonderful memories of my time there. My Father Harold Smith attended the school from 1927 to 1936 and equally enjoyed his education,leaving at the age of 14 years old to commence an apprenticeship.

Rebecca Cowie(a couple of years ago)

I just want to thank the school for being an amazing place that I have spent 7 happy years in! I will really miss Guilsborough and my class as they have been like a second family to me! As i move onto secondry school I find it not as an end but as a begening of a new chapter, I will leave this school with so many happy memory's! I am proud to say I was s Guilsborough Primary School student!

neil ennever(a couple of years ago)

What a great website. I attended this school from 1983 to 1990. Mr Jones was head teacher, a fantastic man, with fabulous staff. Lovely to see the progress and that the school thrives still. From a former student who went on to achieve well. Very best wishes to all. Neil Ennever. Airbus 320 Training Captain, easyjet airline.

Rebecca(a couple of years ago)

Mrs Holcombe you have done a great job with the website! This school is fabulous and my class, well we have our arguments but I wouldn't change any one of my class mates for the world! I get along with so many people in this school not just the people in year six but in pretty much all of the classes! I'm really going to miss this school when I leave!

Gemma(a couple of years ago)

Hi I'm looking forward to coming to coming into class 6. I can't wait to see all my friends and learn new things with Mrs Mills and Mrs Heart it's going to be AMAZING!!!! See you soon xx

Gemma(a couple of years ago)

Our class is the best out of the website (ovbiously) but everything else is epic too. I can't wait till Summer neither can anyone else, I love all the teachers, but especially Mrs Holcombe for creating this awsome website. xxx

molly(a couple of years ago)

wow the website is epic

Oliver herbert jones(a couple of years ago)


Rebekah(a couple of years ago)

Hey Hey/WOW!!! I love all the new features on the website!

Cameron Cairns-Baker(a couple of years ago)

I can not believe how long its been since i was running around the playground in year 6 a happy little boy with all my future ahead of me. Now i am almost about to leave secondary school and make my way to A levels in college and i think about what i would have been doing if i had gone to a different primary school but the little primary school in Guilsbrough sent me on my way and now here i am a grade A-A* student and would not of been able to do it without Guilsborough primary school. Only a few teachers will remember me, I know Mrs Mills will she was my Year 6 teacher 6 years ago. Thank you so much for helping me get here!

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