Welcome to Class 1!

There are 25 children in our Year 1 class. Mrs Pryce (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and Miss Lewellen (Monday and Wednesday) are the class teachers and our class helpers are Mrs Moyes, Mrs Adams, Jules and Laura. This term we also welcome Miss Swift, a final year student from the University of Northampton, who will also be teaching some of the time. Our classroom is situated next to the reception classroom which is nice because we are able to help and look after the youngest children in our school. 

This term's topic is called 'Get out of my swamp', and is all about Traditional Tales and the characters we find in them.

Some reminders:

On Monday we change our library books. In the afternoon we do 'Show and Tell'

On Tuesday we change our maths homework games

On Friday we have our spelling test and are given the spellings to learn for next week

Every day - we need to read our reading scheme book aloud to someone else at home

We started our topic by watching some of the film 'Shrek'  See how many fairytale characters you can spot in this trailer!

In our maths we have been doubling and halving, and extending this to finding 'near doubles'.  We love to play on this activity to get better at doubling and halving.