Welcome to Class 5! 



There are 30 children in our class.

Mrs Mills is the class teacher, and Mrs Maxwell is our TA. We also have Mrs Ambrose and Mrs West working with us and supporting our learning.



We explore all our lessons through different daily values.

This helps us to think positively and be reflective about our learning.


A value is a principle that guides our thinking and our behaviour.


Our Value for the term is Generosity.


Our theme for this term is:

 Mexico and the Mayans. 




In English we will develop our understanding of explanation texts before looking at Mayan myths and writing our own poetry. We will also have daily grammar, punctuation and spelling tasks.


Science this term will explore Earth, Sun and Moon. 


In maths, we will consolidate written methods for all 4 rules of number and use to solve one and two-step problems.


 Class 5 letter here!

Curriculum Planning Medium Term Planning Summer 2


What to expect in Year 5:


Please expect:

Spelling Bee

English homework on Monday to be handed in on Friday;

Maths on Friday to be handed in on Wednesday;

Theme Homework

Watching the women's cycle race

Making our Mexican plates and bowels.

Fabulous Picnic!


Rehearsing and performing a Mayan myth.

Class 5 practicing to be Roman soldiers and showing off the amazing shields they made for homework.

Flying our parachutes!