Our Curriculum

At Guilsborough Primary we have recently introduced a themed creative curriculum, which works within the new National Curriculum 2014.  Every half term we follow a new theme and, where we can, pupils' learning is linked to the theme.  We only make links that are relevant and help to enrich pupils' learning. 

This is a big one-page document that we all refer to, and is a brief summary of all that is being taught across the school this year.  Each class teacher then prepares their own long-term plan for the year and half termly curriculum maps, which have far greater detail.  Teachers will supply a hard copy to parents on request, and will send more specific detail on their termly letters to parents.  Copies are also available on each individual classes page on the website, if you scroll down the 'Our School' section. 

Alongside, the themed work, we also have a strong emphasis on pupils extending their key skills of English and Maths.  Every class has English and Maths lessons daily, together with phonics/grammar sessions in small groups of pupils at a similar ability level.  In addition, all children from Year 1 upwards take part  in Big Maths challenges, which include quick mental recall and weekly challenges surrounding the 72 maths facts which are vital to help pupils make further progress with their mathematical knowledge.


Click here for each class Long Term plan for 2017-2018:

EYFS        Year 1          Year 2          Year 3           Year 4          Year 5         Year 6

Autumn 1 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: Starting School / All About Me

Year 1: The Bear and the Piano

Year 2: The Home Front

Year 3: Meet the Flintstones

Year 4: Roman Rule

Year 5: Mexico and The Mayans

Year 6: Rule Britannia


Spring 1 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS:   Splish, Splash, Splosh

Year 1: Once upon a Time

Year 2: London's Burning

Year 3: Extreme Survival 

Year 4: The World's Kitchen

Year 5: Wild Waters

Year 6: Disasters

Autumn 2 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: The Wheels go round and round / Christmas

Year 1: The Snail and the Whale

Year 2: The Home Front

Year 3: China

Year 4: Roman Rule

Year 5: Mexico and the Mayans

Year 6: World War II


 Spring 2 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS:   54321 BlastOff! 

Year 1: Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Year 2: Indian Spice

Year 3: Extreme survival (2)

Year 4: The World's Kitchen (2)

Year 5: Wild Waters

Year 6: Disasters