Our Staff

Headteacher: Mrs. K. Shilliam

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. G. Wood

Administrative officer: Mrs. Anne-Marie Williamson

Bursar: Mrs. Diane Sharpe


Early Years:

Teachers: Mrs. K. Cox (Early Years and Foundation Stage Leader) and Mrs. S. Shields

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. L. Moyes 


Class 1:

Teachers: Mrs. A. Pryce and Miss N. Lewellen

Classroom Teaching Assistant:  Mrs. K. Adams

Special Educational Needs Assistant: Mrs. N. Mundin 


Class 2:

Teacher: Mrs L. Preston

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. J. Turner

Special Educational Needs Assistant: Mrs. L. Pearson, Mrs. L. Ambrose-Smith and Miss N. Burdett


Class 3:

Teacher: Mrs. G. Wood (Deputy Headteacher)

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. J. Thompson

Special Educational Needs Assistant: Mrs V. Sawford


Class 4:

Teacher: Mrs. D. Holcombe (Senior Leadership Team)

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. J. Irvine


Class 5:

Teacher: Mrs. J. Mills (Senior Leadership Team)

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. S. Maxwell

Special Educational Needs Assistants: Miss. J. Wicks


Class 6:

Teacher: Mr. G. Matthews

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Mrs. V. Johnson

Special Educational Needs Assistants: Mrs. P. West and Mrs D. Bailey


Senco: Mrs. J. Guy

Pastoral Support: Mrs. J. Martin

High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs. J. Thompson



Play Leaders: Mrs. K. Evans, Mrs. C. Ferry, Miss H. Eustace, Miss R. Herring and Mrs. B. Clements.


School Cook:  Mrs. M. Gatward and Mrs D. Williams

Premises officer: Mr. S. Watts (and Mr. R. Clements)

Cleaners: Mrs. K. Evans and Mrs. D. Williams


Staff Responsibility

Mrs Shilliam: Collective Worship, Art, Design Technology, Personal, Social and Health & Economic Education

Mrs Wood: English and Music

Mrs Mills: Maths and Religious Education

Mrs Holcombe: Online Safety, Computing and Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Cox & Mrs Shields: Early Years Foundation stage

Mr Matthews: Science

Mrs Preston: Physical Education

Mrs Pryce: Geography

Miss Lewellen: History 

Mrs Guy: SENCo