Wellbeing - Pastoral events for happier children and staff...

Wellbeing at Guilsborough Primary School is very important to us. We are very lucky to have a Pastoral Support Teaching Assistant who has been highly trained in supporting our children’s spiritual, moral, social, cultural and emotional wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on supporting children through their concerns, often helping with school/home life stress, emotional wellbeing, mental health, developing resilience, techniques to improve academic performance, or simply with day to day life.

Included in the list below are some of the workshops and meetings that take place during the school year to provide support to our pupils:

  • Meet and greet mornings
  • Pets as therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Drop in break time ‘TALK’ sessions
  • Meditation workshops
  • Self-esteem workshops
  • Anxiety and worries workshops
  • Anger management workshops
  • Healthy mind and body cooking sessions
  • Transition support
  • Parental support


"It helps us fall asleep at home and calms us down from worries, work and bad thoughts. Meditation makes us happy and we feel safe when we are in Meditation Club and when meditating. It opens our minds and our worries are lost. That is mindfulness."

By Katie, Aimee and Lily

Values based Education

Pets As Therapy - Read2Dogs