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At Guilsborough Primary, a rich and exciting curriculum is at the heart of everything we do to enrich pupils' learning. Class teachers prepare their own long-term plan for the year using the National Curriculum 2014 and also write detailed half termly curriculum maps. Parents/Carers receive half termly letters, which are also available in the 'Our Classes' section of the website. The curriculum maps are available below and hard copies of all of the documents mentioned above are available on request, ask the office for more information.

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Click here for each class Long Term plan for 2019-2020:

EYFS         Year 1         Year 2/3           Year 4          Year 5       Year 6

Autumn 1 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: Starting school and All about me

Year 1: The Snail and the Whale

Year 2/3: Meet The Flintstones

Year 4: Roman Rule

Year 5: Mexico

Year 6: World at War  


Spring 1 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: Splish, Splash, Splosh

Year 1: The Owl who was afraid of the Dark

Year 2/3:  Ancient Egypt

Year 4: Anglo-Saxons

Year 5:  Wild Waters

Year 6: Greece Lightning 2 


Summer 1 - Curriculum Maps


Year 1:

Year 2/3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Autumn 2 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: The wheels go round and round

Year 1: Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Year 2/3: Meet The Flintstones (2)

Year 4: Roman Rule (2)

Year 5: Mayan Civilisation

Year 6: Greece Lightning


Spring 2 - Curriculum Maps

EYFS: 54321 Blast Off!

Year 1: Handa's Surprise

Year 2/3: Extreme Survival

Year 4: Crime and Punishment

Year 5: Wild Waters

Year 6: Mountain Environments


Summer 2 - Curriculum Maps


Year 1:

Year 2/3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6: