Guilsborough C of E Primary School

Guilsborough C of E Primary School

Promoting Reading

At Guilsborough C of E Primary School we immerse children in high quality children's literature to not only help them to develop their skills as a reader but to cultivate a passion and enthusiasm for reading.
Within our English Novel Study approach, we have set out a list of books that children will study in detail as they move through the year groups.

These books have been very carefully selected to ensure a broad range of subject matter, styles and levels of challenge.  We include at least one picture book and classic book each year that challenges pupils with an abstract point of view, difficult vocabulary and sentence structure, but at the same time ensuring children are engaged with a timeless narrative.


Although we immerse children in many books at school, we would like you to do the same at home. For some ideas of high quality reading books for children in different year groups see below. These are only intended as a guide and can be read by your child independently, or for someone to read out aloud to them! Even children in KS2 enjoy someone reading to them…. I know as an adult I do! It is also perfectly fine for children to read books from lists in lower or higher year groups. Just let your child choose a book and enjoy it!


If you would like further information about the types of books that we recommend, please speak to your child's class teacher for advice. 


Click here to see our 'Top tips' to help support your child with their reading at home!