We sometimes have vacancies in some year groups, please contact the School Office for current information on 01604 740307. You are very welcome to make an appointment to look around the school at a convenient time.  


Our admissions follow those set out by the Local Authority which can be found by clicking here: 


We also publish our own Admissions Policy annually, please see the most recent and forward looking ones below:

Admission Policy for 2018 intake

Admission Policy for 2019 intake

Admission Policy for 2020 intake

Click here to access 'How to apply for Secondary School letter

Click here to access 'How to apply for a Reception Place letter

Click here to access Admissions 2020 poster



Please submit your application by 5pm on 31st October 2019 (for secondary school applications), and 5pm on 15th January 2020 (for Infant, Primary and Junior school applications).  Applications received after these times/dates will be late and will only be considered after Offer Day. On time applicants will receive the offer of a school place on Offer Day which is 2nd March 2020 for Secondary School offers, and 16th April 2020 for Primary/Infant/Junior School offers.