At Guilsborough C of E primary school all of our pupils and staff members are allocated to one of the four House Teams Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The houses were re-named in 2018, following a school wide democratic vote, the teams are named after the four elements. Each team is represented by two Year 6 house captains who are chosen at the beginning of the academic year.

The main aim of the house point system is to encourage team work and to reward children by giving them house points for good behaviour, trying their best on activities or tasks, demonstrating the values of our school, taking part in competitions/clubs either with the school or with other organisations etc. If your child has achieved something at home that you are proud of (e.g. learning how to ride a bike, competing in an activity, demonstrating a value) please let us know and we will hand house points out for these too. Each teacher is assigned to represent a house, alongside the children. At the end of every term the house that gets the most points will receive a special treat. We will then put the house points back to zero to start again each term.