Superstar! That writing looks GREAT!


Well done! Keep up the good work! Mrs H :D

Wow..... more super Maths home learning!

Super Writing Albert! 

What Super writing from Tate and Ionie..... sounds like you’ve been having lots of learning fun!

I can see you are really enjoying your novel James and the Giant Peach!

Great pictures too Tate and Ionie - Mrs P
Great pictures too Tate and Ionie - Mrs P

Keep up the super neat work! 
Fantastic writing Albert! I can see you have been working on your handwriting too! Mrs H :D


And this is how we learn at Guilsborough! Too cool for school! 

Who says hard work can’t be stylish!? Great shades- Mrs M

Super work Morgan, a huge thumbs up! 
Super summarising Morgan. Mrs H. :D

Morgan the Mathematician! 
Wow! Super Maths! Mrs H. :D

What a great job you’re doing! Mrs Pryce and Miss Lewellen would be so proud!

This looks delicious...... I’m going to have a go at making this for my dessert Eleanor! 

Wow..... 2530 point Kieran, AMAZING! 
Well done! Mrs H. :D

Wow!  Amazing Kieran!  Mrs Preston :-) 

Well done For being such a wonderful big brother.... this is very important home learning!

A lovely picture. You’ll do a fantastic job of being a big brother! Mrs M

Gorgeous baby sister. Look at you, you're already a fab big brother!!! Mrs H. :D

fantastic art work.... I love how colourful your picture is! You are keeping busy - well done :) Mrs P 

Excellent PE skills! Well done both!

Fun in the Sun! Great way to exercise! :D Mrs H

Looks good fun you two! Mrs Preston :-)


You've been doing some very exciting activities with your sister! Well done, it’s lovely to see you enjoying your home learning! 

Looks lots of fun! Mrs Preston :-)

What a busy week you’ve had! I can see you’ve been keeping fit, enjoying your maths and helping with the important jobs around the house!  Well done :) Mrs P

Such a detailed drawing Alfie..... exceptional art work! 

Wow!  Wonderful sketch Alfie! Mrs Preston 

Great Science work here! Love the diagrams to explain the words! 

Super Science! Mrs Preston:-)

:D Mrs H

What a super idea.... drawing a picture to help decorate the new Nightingale Hospitals! Well done both, such colourful and bright pictures! 

What a great rocket that you’ve created.... I bet it helped to find all of the different shapes around the house! Super home learning! 

Well done Teddy S, your Elmer Elephants are awesome! Super home learning! 

It’s so lovely to see you both learning together, keep up the super work! 

Interesting Pip! Well done, good researching! 

Super measuring home learning and I can see your seeds are growing really well.... you must be taking very good care of them. 

Well done Surina and Bea.... lots of super home learning! 

Super work! :D Mrs H

Brilliant science colour mixing! Well done and I can’t wait to hear all about what you have found out! 

Well done Alfie, this is a 5* bug hotel!!

I LOVE this Alfie! Mrs H

Super handwriting! Well done, we are all very proud of you! 

Well done Jacob!  Looks great :-)  Mrs Preston

Great spelling and writing! Well done!

What a stunning picture Ben! The stars look amazing! 

I LOVE this! Van Gogh is my favourite artist! Mrs H

This is beautiful Matilda, well done! 

Excellent art Matilda. I love the colours!

Mrs Wood

Super German work Enzo, well done! 

Lovely, neat writing! I really enjoyed reading this! 

This is really eye catching Dylan, well done! 

I love how you’ve mixed writing and pictures in your mosaic! Great work!

Very creative William. Well done!

Mrs Wood

A great history poster, it’s so interesting to see all of the different transport that’s been invented over the years! Super work! 

I can’t wait to see all of the carrots, radishes and lettuces start to grow! 

Good work Grace, well done! 

This is really eye catching Monty and a wonderful way of showing your respect to our brilliant NHS! Well done! 

What a thoughtful idea Monty. It looks great! Mrs Wood

Well done Thomas, a great mosaic! 

We’re so pleased your feedback is helping you! 

Super work! Mrs H

Well done Annie, a good fact file about  the volcano Eyjafjallajokull! 

Fantastic work, Annie. Mrs Mills 


Did your dog eat one too? ;) Mrs H


Looks yummy! :) Mrs H


Fancy Afternoon Tea! :) Mrs H


Yum Yum!! :) Mrs H


Looks yummy! :) Mrs H

super halving skills! Well done! 

Super drawings Sophie...... the hand pattern is really eye catching ! 

Super Maths problem solving William, well done! 
Super reading and Maths work. You can create your own addition questions too. Mrs H. :D

Beautiful Autumn and what a super read! 

Fantastic work! Mrs M

Lots of timetable learning today! 

What a fun way to revise your numbers! 

We can’t wait to see what happens after you plant your seeds!  Hope you like cress! :) Mrs P

Wow, you are doing so well learning all about capacity!  You are keeping really busy :) Mrs P

You’ve been very busy Albert.... and what super neat presentation, high five! 

Super work Albert, keep it up! :D Mrs H.

Super writing Alfie. Northern Lights is a great book! 

Great writing! Mrs Preston :-)

What super home learning..... the rainbow art is sparkle fabulous!!  

Such informative work Bea..... so much information on buildings. It was so interesting to read about! Well done! 

Fantastic research Beatrice!  Love the sketches too! Mrs Preston and Mrs Wood :-)

Great sketching Annie! The large eyes look striking! Well done.

Great cat, Annie. Mrs Mills

That’s it girls, keep up the super exercising with Joe Wicks every morning at 9 on YouTube! Great effort! 

Sporty ladies! Mrs H. :D

Beautiful observational drawings Grace. Well done! 

Super drawings Grace! Mrs Preston :-)

Super exercising both!! Keeping fit at home!

Great team work! Mrs H :D

Great work Phoebe! 

Well done Phoebe, keep up the good work! Mrs H :D

Exactly right Pearl! Well done, we all need to support our superhero NHS workers! 

Super dinosaur work here Joshua! What interesting information, Well done!

What a great idea to have a picnic after creating your farm scene in the background! I bet you all enjoyed those delicious Minion cakes! Well done! 

Super, impressive writing Tate! It looks like you have had lots of learning fun! 

Understanding angles and how to use a protractor, Great work! 

Super work! Mrs H

You are doing a fabulous job at your allotment! Well done, we can’t wait to see all of the vegetables  you grow there! 

Super visualising of a character! Well done! 

Great English work! Mrs H

Super observational drawing! Great! 

Well done boys...... it’s a real challenge to solve a Rubik's cube! Fantastic effort! 

Wow! Mrs H

Great work, you are learning so much! Well done! 

What a creative mosaic Enzo! Fantastic! 

Super work Enzo. Well done!

Mrs Wood

Happy St George’s Day both! Super pictures, well done! 

well done for helping your Dad, keep up the good work! 

A brilliant detailed drawing of Harry Potter, well done! 

We love Science! I bet that bouncy ball bounces really high! 

Beautiful mosaic Sophie, well done!

What beautiful pink art! Well done!

Mrs Wood 

Super spellings and such neat writing, well done! 

Doing a fantastic job of ordering numbers, you’re a star!

It looks like you really enjoyed your Science investigation learning! Superstar! 

Excellent work Beatrice. I can't wait to talk to you about your Gran! Mrs Wood

This is brilliant Gabe! What a super piece of artwork! 

Excellent! Why am I not surprised? ;) Mrs H

Fantastic collage, Gabe. Mrs Mills

Well done girls, it’s so important to show your respect for our wonderful NHS! 

Love it! Mrs H

Enter text...

Well done Luke, what a colourful piece of work! 

Lots of exciting work happening here! Well done! 

Enter text...

Great maths work Lucas! Well done!

Fantastic scones from you all. You are making me hungry! Mrs Mills :)


They look lovely! :) Mrs H


Looks delicious! :) Mrs H

Beautiful art work Imelda, well done! 

Excellent job! :) Mrs H.

Someone’s enjoying their coding home learning! Well done! 

Thumbs up!! Mrs H

What great way to celebrate VE Day, this is a super car! 

Good IT skills! Well done! 

I loved the presentation too!! :) Mrs H

Super learning in the sunshine! 

Please post the picture you created! Mrs M

You’ve been so busy Ionie and it’s very important to help your mummy and Daddy!

Look at all of that super learning on your desk, Well done!

What lovely neat writing I can see..... you’re a superstar!  What careful work - well done :) Mrs P

Our Guilsborough scientists Katie and Evie have been looking at permanent changes of state whilst cooking dinner! 

You’ve been very busy Albert.... and what super neat presentation, high five! 

Super work Albert, keep it up! :D Mrs H.

Happy Birthday Petal Rainbow! What super writing..... I know that you and Edie will have a fabulous time celebrating when we are all back at school! 

Happy Birthday from Mrs P and Miss L

What amazing facts about penguins Kieran! Super computing skill!

Super work Kieran! Mrs Preston and Mrs Wood :-) 

Super Geography learning.... rivers are so important across our whole world! Very interesting! Well done!

Excellent work. You will learn all about rivers in Year 5! :D

Super home learning Ted! Such interesting information about this iconic building! Well done! 

Excellent research Ted! Mrs Preston and Mrs Wood

What a talented artist! Well done Alfie, the detail in this drawing is just exceptional! Awesome! 

WOW! You are SO talented!!! I remember how amazing you were in Year 4, you are now even better! Mrs H :D

Impressive! Mrs Mills

Keep up the good home learning both! Well done! 

Well done you two!  Mrs Preston and Mrs Wood :-)

Great researching Alfie.... So much informational knowledge! 

Just look how delicious this cake looks.... well done for your hard work helping mummy in the kitchen! Super baker! 

This looks yummy!!! Mrs H :D

Looks delicious Thomas! Mrs Preston :-)

This must be a fantastic project! The rocket looks amazing! 

What project are you working on? Looking good so far! Mrs H :D

Thank you for the super photos from your seasonal walk Zach! I’m so pleased you were able to enjoy the lovely weather and beautiful countryside! 

Your photos made me feel like we were back at school! I love going on our seasonal walk with everybody! :D Mrs H

Just look at this super Easter garden! You must have watched Mrs Holcombe’s YouTube video very carefully! It’s beautiful, well done! 

Your Easter garden looks very pretty! Well done! :D Mrs H

well done both, keep up the home learning! Super job! 

Great work! Mrs H

You’re doing a super job of learning your numbers! What beautifully neat writing! 

Lots of number learning here! Your plant growing really tall! 

Wow what a strong looking plant Jacob! You're obviously looking after it well.  Mrs Preston :-)

It’s great to see that this superstar is Heartsmart! Good girl! 

Keep on going girls...... fantastic calculation learning! 

Super work girlies! Mrs H

Everyone will definitely see your bright rainbow Alex.... this will put a smile on lots of faces passing by your window! 

Wow, what a great idea! I can see you’re really enjoying your home learning! 

What a super Mosaic Ted, well done! 

Brilliant Matisse art work Annie, well done! 

Well done Matilda, this is exactly like you! I bet your grandma loves talking to you everyday on the phone! 

Super work Matilda. I am missing all of your lovely qualities. Mrs Wood

What an amazing piece of art! It’s looks brilliant!! 

Super writing to go with that super smile! Well done! 

:D Mrs H

we are all so very proud of you! Well done! 

Amazing, Blossom! Mrs Mills

A brilliant idea to complete a rain fall experiment! Well done! 

We could do one of these for school, once we are all back together. Mrs H

Brilliant mosaic Luke, it really bright and eye catching! 

Stunning! Mrs H

These look delicious scones.... thank you for sharing the recipe! 

Makes me hungry! Mrs H

Super spellings girls! Well done for helping each other! 


Delish! Mrs H :)

Great gymnastics skills girls, well done! 

Looks impressive!! I can hear the giggles from here!! Mrs H

Super Geography work Winnie, Well done! 

Brilliant natural art work Sophie, your ladybird is great! 

Lots of outdoor learning is fab! 

A memory tree, what a super idea! Well done! 

Really proud to see how many of our class have sent us their work - and well done to all children who are working so hard - from Mrs Pryce 

It's lovely to see all your hard work during your time at home.  It's lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces.  Keep enjoying yourselves!  Love Mrs Preston :-) 

I have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely work. What a wide range of fantastic home learning! It is good to see some of Reception class sharing on here and we will continue to look for your home learning on Tapestry. Keep having fun. Love Mrs Cox.